This blog is about Information architecture, Interaction Design, Search, Usability and whatever I feel the need to communicate along those topics. I have now started working for SpareBank 1 so you will also find my opinins about Finance and Banking within those fields of expertise aswell.

I’ve chosen to call this “Information Design” because as far as I’m concerned the differences between Information Architecture and Interaction Design is getting blurred so I can’t place myself firmly in either one of the “boxes”.

I’m working as Senior Consultant Customerexperience in SpareBank 1. This means that I am (one of many people that are) responsible for the (digita) user experience of  SpareBank 1. I started in this job 1st of March 2014, so don’t blame me (yet) if the experience seems confusing and disconnected ;)

My previous job was as department manager of a small, but specialized department of 5 (including myself) at Making Waves. The department was “Experience Research” and our main purpose was to facilitate (user) research and usability testing  and also quality check project deliverables. My previous workplaces are: Senior Information Architect and Usability Expert at Tarantell AS since 2002 and at the Norwegian branch of Razorfish before that. (See LinkedIn profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/haakonha).

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