Day two: The work begins

I quit my job as dep. manager Experience Research in Making Waves to start as Senior Consultant Customerexperience in SpareBank 1 and this is my second day at the job. It was a big step for me to move on from Making Waves (/Tarantell) which had been my employer for the last 11 years, but I felt that I needed a change from 13 years of consulting and leading my small department of 5 (For full history see my LinkedIn profile: ).

Bank and Finance was the logical way to go since I have done interaction design for many of the biggest brands in Norway throughout my career like DnB, Postbanken, Gjensidige and Sparebanken Vest plus usability testing of Finansportalen, KLP, Frende, Unison Forsikring and many more. In sum I have worked almost 6 of my 13 years of consulting with customers within this domain.

I know that there will be big changes how bank and finance communicate and provide their services for the next 3-5 years and I am thrilled to be a part of that.