UX Gurus 2014

Ok, so I’m trying to compose a list over top 10 UX gurus of 2014 and I’m getting a bit disappointed of myself because I end up with “the usual suspects”. I would really like to get a few new names on the list.

In no particular order with a short explanation why I have these on top of my mind:

  • Jared Spool (for his constant contributions to the ux community in form of talks and reports and more)
  • Jakob Nielsen (for his constant contributions to the ux community in form of talks and reports and more)
  • Jesse James Garrett (the user experience elements)
  • Alan Cooper & Kim Goodwin (Personas & Scenario technique and the “Inmates are running the Asylum” book)
  • Louis Rosenfeld (“the Polar Bear” book with Peter Morville and “Information Anxiety 2”)
  • Peter Morville (see above + the honeycomb model)
  • Tim Brown (inspiring talks and ideas and CEO of Ideo)
  • Brandon Schauer (inspiring talks and ideas and CEO of Adaptive Path)
  • Barry Schwartz (author of the book “The paradox of choice” – he is maybe not primarily a “UX Guru” – but for me his theories changed the way I personally looked at my own designs more than many others more well known).
  • Luke Wroblewski (“Mobile first” ) 

There are a a list of great inspirational,  motivational speakers and thought leaders that I didn’t put in top 10 list but should get a mention:

  • Joshua Porter
  • Stephen Anderson
  • Steve Krug
  • Eric Reiss
  • Don Norman
  • Bruce Tognazzini
  • BJ Fogg
  • Gerry McGovern

Help me find a few more names to add to the list by tweeting their name (to me @haakonha) or comment below.

Thanks! :)


  1. Gord Hopkins says:

    I would definitely include Gerry McGovern in the list at http://www.gerrymcgovern.com and http://www.customercarewords.com. He is more well known in the European UX community but asked to give keynote addresses at many major EU conferences. Gerry has been very influential in altering UX strategies at companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Tetra Pak, VMware, European Union, etc. He’s also been the keynote presenter at several North American conferences, including those by Jared Spool. His two most recent books “Killer Web Content” and “The Stranger’s Long Neck” are both very popular.

  2. haakonha says:

    Gerry McGovern is a good suggestion.

    I also forgot Luke Wroblewski. Grave mistake.

    I don’t think I would add Gerry to the top 10 important gurus, but on the list below. Luke however belongs in top 10.

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